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Welcome to Exmouth Light Orchestra! 

'Poem Celebrating Our Tenth Anniversary' 

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Excerpt from 4th Dec rehearsal in the church:

'Sound Of Music' part 1

Friday 10th December working party at 6.00 pm - shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.
Sat 11th December Christmas Concert at 3.00 pm - ready to play at 2.30 pm please. Please note a live stream for the concert is not possible .
We'd really appreciate it if players could do a Covid 'rapid lateral flow test' on the Friday evening or Saturday morning before the concert. As we go into winter, if anyone has the slightest hint of a sniffle, croak or tummy bug, please stay away and follow along online.
For home test kits please phone 119 or click: gov.uk/get-collect-code
Please let's protect our most vulnerable players. Thank you all.
New in the 'Repertoire' menu:
28/11/21 up to date carols at concert tempi
28/11/21 better 'Dance Of The Hours' at concert tempo
28/11/21 better 'Abba Selections' at concert tempo

Rehearsal Stream Archive:

See 'Rehearsals' menu for past ones or click here to join the next one in 2022:

Saturday 15th January 2022

Time: 10:30 am

Venue: St John The Evangelist church hall, EX8 3AE


Future Dates:

Sat 11th December our end-of-term Christmas Concert - see 'Concerts' menu

Sat 15th January 2022 spring term starts

Sat 26th February no rehearsal - end of half term

Sat 2nd April spring term ends

...more dates to follow...

Contact Us:

Please contact the conductor Daphne Harlock by telephone on 07752 673212.