In 2017 we grew beyond the 90-strong mark with players coming from all parts of Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

Exmouth Light Orchestra (ELO) was started in September 2011 by Daphne and John Harlock in Devon, UK; it comprised players of varied abilities and ages, mainly of the violin family of instruments, namely the violin, viola, cello and double-bass. We also have flutes, clarinets, a bassoon and a harp. The ELO rehearses weekly on a Friday morning in term time: please see the Home Page for more information or contact us by 'phone.

A second orchestra rehearses on Saturday mornings in term time and has been in full swing since September 2012; it has all the players one would find in a symphony orchestra, including brass, french horns and percussion.

In 2016, both orchestras became fully interchangeable, so now members can be flexible about which morning they come to each week or even attend both rehearsals. The musical repertoire is the same for both days with practice tracks and resources available to support the players at home between rehearsals. In 2017 we grew beyond the 90-strong mark with players coming from all parts of Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

The ethos of the two orchestras, collectively known as 'ELO', is to have fun while learning to play better as an ensemble, with the help of our in-house 'professionals' covering all the sections of the classical symphony orchestra. We restrict ourselves to just two concerts per year in order to balance the pursuit of excellence in music making with maintaining a relaxed learning atmosphere, without the constant fear of an impending performance! Some members relish playing in our concerts whereas others prefer to attend the rehearsals only, where they gain confidence and expertise in orchestral playing.

The choice of music is eclectic and 'light' ranging from classical and opera to film scores, show music, swing, latin, folk and a little pop.

We are always on the lookout for new players, especially of the violin family. There are no auditions since we cater for everything from grade 3 players up to post-grade 8. Wind players: please contact us first for availability.

The sessions are inexpensive and funding is available for those in need. The groups are very friendly and welcoming which makes the coffee breaks a noisy affair!

For more information, please contact Daphne and John on 01395 278497 or 07752 673212; this is better than email where replies to you have been lost in spam filters.


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